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Tell us your skin problems: a team of pharmacists will formulate a face cream tailored to your needs directly in our laboratories!

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We produce a tailor-made face cream that is truly effective for your skin's needs .

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The results of Bonnie cream on our customers

Get a blemish-free face!

Tired of using ineffective face creams? Trust Bonnie's algorithm and get a tailor-made cream based on your skincare needs in just a few clicks!

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Martina's results

Martina turned to Bonnie because she wanted to reduce the pimples that appeared mainly on the cheeks.

After having a free consultation directly with a Bonnie Skin Specialist, she received a beauty routine designed for her specific skincare needs .

These are the results after 14 days of using Bonnie's personalized cream.

  • Vegan

    Our products are vegan and cruelty-free

  • Ingredients of natural origin

    We only use the best ingredients for your skin

  • Eco friendly

    We use refillable packaging in order to reduce the use of plastic

Parlano di noi

Bonnie's Algorithm and Technology

Behind Bonnie's product, there are 9 months spent in the laboratory trying to identify the perfect formula for every skincare need.

And after a lot of sweat, we, Pharmacists and Cosmetologists have developed an Algorithm which, by exploiting Artificial Intelligence , manages to formulate a perfect cream for every skin type!

Our formulas are produced in Italian laboratories by professional pharmacists with years and years of experience in the cosmetics sector.

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The benefits of Bonnie's Face Cream

✅ Brighter face
✅ Guaranteed softness
✅ Skin without imperfections
✅ More compact skin
✅ Filler effect
✅ Less stress
✅ More time for you
✅ Effective solution
✅ Based on your Skincare needs

Personalized face cream

Meet Alice, the mastermind behind Bonnie!

After analyzing 20,000 ingredients, 100,000 products and almost 5 million testimonials, Alice, together with a team of pharmacists and industry experts , managed to build an algorithm capable of responding to every skincare need.

And now, it has decided to make this technology available to all women, in order to formulate a perfect solution for every type of imperfection .

Personalized face cream
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Alice Zabeo, the Founder of Bonnie, speaks!