Beatrice la cosmetologa che da’ veri risultati con le consulenze sulla beauty routine

Beatrice the cosmetologist who gives real results with beauty routine consultations

Today we interview Beatrice, a Cosmetologist Chemist who is enjoying increasing success in Italy. She told us that she began her studies with a degree in Chemistry and then began to become passionate about the world of cosmetics and specialized first in England and then graduated in Cosmetic Sciences in Milan. She tells us: "I really like studying, especially if they are subjects that I am very passionate about such as cosmetics. Since June I have also become a trichologist technician".

After years spent developing cosmetics in laboratories, Beatrice decided to change her life and currently deals with personalized skincare and haircare consultancy. It also creates cosmetic formulas by developing new products.

Beatrice the cosmetologist

Here's what Beatrice told us about how she discovered Bonnie

I found Bonnie by chance on Instagram, a scientific dissemination profile that I followed, published a post telling about Bonnie's cosmetics customization method. I was intrigued by this novelty of customization and I wanted to try the product.

It was a customized product formulated based on the characteristics of my skin.

I tried online skin analysis and created a cream for my problems

After filling out a questionnaire with questions about my skin and habits, the result was my personalized formula for my dehydrated and lackluster skin.

I thought that creating a product after having done a skin analysis was very correct because it was tailored to the problems of each of us and would therefore create a more effective product.

I purchased it and received it a few days later.

After a few days, the results of my formula!

I am a fan of personalized products because I am convinced that this method works, I see it every day on my clients and on myself. Each of us has unique skin and we need a tailor-made beauty routine to take care of it.

I started using my customized cream and I was able to notice a more uniform texture and grain of the skin, even dehydration improved a lot.

It was what I had thought for years, finding the perfect formula for every skin and I was happy that a company had made it a reality

“I have been taking care of my skin since I was 20, and I only saw improvements after specializing in Cosmetology because I started using only the right ingredients for my skin.”

Instagram Bea the CosmetologistInstagram Bea the Cosmetologist


“I always say that to take care of your skin you need the right ingredients and a lot of consistency.”

I talked about it on my social channels because it's something I believe in a lot

The idea of ​​personalizing a cream, which I believe in, pushed me to talk about Bonnie on my social channels after trying the product. I liked the texture and the cream that arrived at home.

They responded to my post and that's how I met Bonnie's team.

I started on the development team in Bonnie's lab

Alice, the founder of Bonnie, at that time was looking for someone who could create more scientific Instagram posts to explain in detail the innovative part of choosing ingredients based on each customer's skin. I applied and became part of Bonnie's team.

Next, since I am an experienced cosmetologist, she asked me to join the formula development team at Bonnie's lab.

Together we developed the methodology to personalize the treatment which is now on the market

It took us an infinite amount of time, 9 months. It wasn't easy because it was a challenging project to develop and we invented many parts from scratch.

The development time took months because we really wanted the perfect facial for every skin.

The treatment works so well because it is tailor-made

In the last two years of consultancy, many people have chosen to rely on personalized beauty routines and this made me think that creating a personalized treatment for each client's skin was really the right choice.

The laboratory uses quality ingredients

All the ingredients that are included in the personalized facial treatment are selected in functional doses by the best producers and chosen in such a way as to make optimal combinations so that the consumer does not have to spend time making them.

All the ingredients are of natural origin and vegan, as per the regulation, they are not tested on animals.

"Producing customized creams costs a lot more, but given the result, it's worth it."

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