A personalized face cream designed by a team of pharmacists in the laboratory specifically to resolve the imperfections of your face.

Is this your first time ordering Bonnie personalized cream? Create your own formula before purchasing!

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Trust Bonnie's team of pharmacists and receive a personalized formula so effective that it defeats your skin imperfections and reduces the time spent on your Beauty Routine.

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How customization works and which format to buy

  • 1. If you have already carried out the skin test, purchase your cream in the format you prefer (we remind you that the 15 ml format lasts 3 weeks, the 30 ml format lasts 1 and a half months, while the 50 ml format lasts 2 months and a half).

  • Crema viso personalizzata in laboratorio

    2. Thanks to the data you have provided us about your skin, a pharmacist in our laboratory will produce your cream from scratch and you will receive it at home within 7 days.

Why is Bonnie the best cream to combat any of your skin problems?

The imperfections that we have fought most in recent years are:

  • Zits


    The appearance of pimples is common and can occur at any age. Bonnie's personalized cream uses ingredients with proven effectiveness that fight pimples and the resulting marks, purifying the skin for a healthier and smoother appearance.


    96% of customers notice a reduction in pimples and visibly smoother skin.

  • Wrinkles


    To achieve a rejuvenating effect, Bonnie's Bespoke Cream contains a customized blend of ingredients that aim to fight wrinkles and fine lines, while stimulating collagen. They increase cell turnover and improve damage from UV rays, revitalizing the skin.


    87% of customers notice visibly firmer skin with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Dyscolouration


    Dyscoloration results from excessive melanin production, post-pimple inflammation, and conditions such as melasma. Bonnie's custom cream effectively targets hyperpigmentation with brightening ingredients that inhibit melanin, improve cell turnover, and improve UV damage.


    94% of customers notice a luminous and radiant complexion, and visibly more even skin.

The benefits of Bonnie cream

✅ Brighter face
✅ More effective formula
✅ Textured skin
✅ Natural and vegan ingredients
✅ Less oxidative stress
✅ Without allergens
✅ Without silicones and parabens
✅ Designed for your skin needs

Bonnie's algorithm and technology

Behind Bonnie's product, there are 9 months spent in the laboratory trying to identify the perfect formula for every skincare need.

And after a lot of sweat, we, Pharmacists and Cosmetologists have developed a
Algorithm which, using Artificial Intelligence , manages to formulate a perfect cream for every skin type!

Our formulas are produced in Italian laboratories by professional pharmacists with years and years of experience in the cosmetics sector.

And now I want to make available for all the women of Italy:
- Our Algorithm and our AI :
- Our Professionals (pharmacists and cosmetologists):
- Our Laboratory .

In short... all Bonnie's technology!

Ingredients Backed by Science

Effectiveness demonstrated by our customers for healthier skin


    87% agreed - “With this cream I feel my skin is softer.”


    91% agreed - “With this cream I have smoother skin.”


    94% agreed - “With this cream my skin is brighter.”


    As per regulation, no tests on animals and our ingredients are 100% Vegan.


    Without silicones. Without parabens. Without SLS. Without formaldehyde.


    Produced by pharmacists in a certified Italian laboratory.

They say about Bonnie

Us and them...

That's why hundreds of women are choosing Bonnie's algorithm and their own customized solution!

Do you have any question? Read below, or write to us on Whatsapp.

What do I get when I buy Bonnie's face cream?

By purchasing the face cream, you will get:
- 1 personalized cream of 15ml, 30ml or 50ml;
- 1 Leaflet with your personalized ingredients.
- Free support 7 days a week from a Bonnie Beauty Expert.

Who creates my face cream?

Pharmacists and our laboratories. The ingredients of your formulas are selected by our algorithm and, based on the answers you gave us in the test, refined by our expert pharmacists and cosmetologists to ensure all the benefits you have selected for your skin.

Is the cream truly personalized?

Certain! Tell us information such as:
- Skin type
- Skin problems
- Age
- etc.

The combination of all these factors will allow Bonnie's pharmacists to better understand your every need, in order to create the perfect solution for you!

Can the cream cause allergy?

All the ingredients we use in our laboratories are allergen-free. During the skin analysis you will be able to share with our pharmacists if you have a particular allergy to any ingredient. We will avoid including them in your cream.

How long does the cream last?

It depends on the quantity you decide to purchase. Indicatively:

15ml = 3 weeks
30 ml = 1 and a half months
50 ml = 2 and a half months

Do I have to do the skin test again to buy the cream again?

No, since we store data about your skin you will be able to repurchase your personalized cream without repeating the test.

Can I purchase even if I don't have a card?

Certainly! You can pay by any method you want: credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery (cash on delivery) or even payment in installments (Klarna).

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

To ensure the best possible quality and craftsmanship, your personalized treatment will take 7 days to arrive at your home.
This is because the solution we propose is highly customized.

Each of Bonnie's clients has different skin. And each skin type corresponds to a different type of formula to process. 7 days is the perfect number: it is the number that allows us to obtain a solution that is quality, effective and brings results in the shortest time possible.

Can I track my shipment?

Certain. As soon as you purchase Bonnie, you will receive a tracking link, which will allow you to know exactly where your cream is.

Is there any kind of protection for dissatisfied customers?

Let's start from an assumption: 94% of Bonnie customers are absolutely satisfied with the product.

In case you are not, there is the "Satisfied or Reformulated" option: if the cream does not prove effective, you will speak to our consultants, who will understand the problem and will send you an even more specific one than the first.

How soon will I see results on my skin?

It always depends on how much and when you apply it. Statistically, the majority of Bonnie's customers are satisfied after just 3 applications!