Discover the cream formulated for the specific needs of your skin thanks to our Skin Analyzer.

Running time: 3 minutes

Analyze your skin for free

The benefits of Bonnie customized cream

✅ Brighter face
✅ More effective formula
✅ Textured skin
✅ Natural and vegan ingredients
✅ Less oxidative stress
✅ Without allergens
✅ Without silicones and parabens
✅ Designed for your skin needs

How does customization work?

  • 1. Analyze the skin on your face

    Click on the button below. Our skin analysis is designed to better study your skin concerns and identify the most effective ingredients.

  • 2. The laboratory prepares your personalized cream

    The Skin Analyzer results will be sent directly to our laboratory, where expert pharmacists will formulate your personalized cream from scratch.

  • 3. Receive your personalized cream!

    Once our pharmacists have produced your personalized cream, you will receive it comfortably at your home within 7 days of ordering.

Us and them...

That's why hundreds of women are choosing Bonnie's algorithm and their own personalized cream!

Analyze your skin for free

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