Loyalty program regulations

This regulation (hereinafter "Regulation") governs the methods of carrying out and executing the Bonnie Loyalty Program (hereinafter "Program") promoted by Bonnie Beauty Srl (hereinafter "Bonnie").

  1. Registration

In order to participate in the Program, the customer must be represented by a natural person who has reached the age of majority and has his/her residence or domicile in the Italian territory (hereinafter the "User"). To join the Program, the User must necessarily create an account (hereinafter, “Account”) on the website https://www.bonniebeauty.it (“Site”), providing all the requested data (including name, surname , email) and proceed to create a personal password.

  1. Object and duration of the Program

The Program consists of various activities which, if completed by the User, will entitle him to accumulate points. At certain thresholds of points collected, listed in the next chapter, the User may request to redeem these collections by obtaining a shopping coupon, to be used for subsequent purchases or proceed to use the same coupon during the order checkout phase. This coupon can be used by the User even after the end of the Program, limited to the points accumulated up to said term.

The Program will last 12 months from the entry into force of the initiative.

  1. Point collection thresholds

The activities, which if completed by the User, will give him the right to accumulate points, are the following:

_ Creation of the account on the website https://www.bonniebeauty.it = 25 points;

_ For each order completed on the website https://www.bonniebeauty.it, the User will receive 1 point for every euro spent (including any shipping costs and net of any discounts applied to the order);

_ For each review of the product purchased on the site https://www.bonniebeauty.it you will receive 200 points;

_ For each purchase via referral link on the website https://www.bonniebeauty.it you will receive 500 points;

_ After following the @bonniebeaauty page on the Instagram platform you will receive 50 points;

_ After following the @bonniebeaauty page on the Facebook platform you will receive 50 points;

_ After following the @aliceskincare page on the TikTok platform you will receive 50 points;

_On his birthday he will receive 250 points

It is understood that Bonnie reserves the right to add, modify or integrate any activities comprising the Program, communicating this to the Users registered in the Program via email. The list of these activities making up the Program is therefore to be understood as non-exhaustive.

Bonnie may also provide additional reward methods reserved for Users registered with the Program.

  1. Redemption thresholds

Listed below are the thresholds reached at which the User can request the redemption of their accumulated points with a coupon, to be spent subsequent to the purchase that generated the accumulation of the points. In particular:

  1. 100 points = coupon worth Euro 5.00;
  2. 200 points = coupon worth Euro 10.00;
  3. 300 points = coupon worth Euro 15.00;
  4. 400 points = coupon worth Euro 20.00;
  5. 500 points = coupon worth Euro 25.00;

Implicit conversion ratio 1 point=0.05 Euro (five Euro cents). Redemption threshold equal to 100 points = 5 Euros.

The coupon generated following the redemption of the accumulated points can be used on all products in the online store with the exception of Digital Gift Cards. If there are other items in your cart in addition to the exceptions, the coupon will regularly apply to the other items.

In this regard, it is specified that the Program provides, for a certain expense, with an entry threshold of 100 points, prizes consisting of vouchers to be used on a subsequent expense in the same online sales point, consisting of the Site (the same one that issued said vouchers).


  1. Account Use and Security

Joining the Program and recording the User's data on Bonnie's computer systems will only be possible if the data provided when joining the Program is updated, complete, legible and usable.

The points accumulated by the User in their Account cannot under any circumstances be transferred to third parties and/or transferred to other Accounts other than the one used for collection.

The same User is not permitted to register multiple Accounts. Each User, therefore, may be the owner of only one Account on the site https://www.bonniebeauty.it.

Bonnie reserves the right to request a suitable identity document in order to be able to verify the identity of all those who intend to join the Program, in particular to verify cases of homonymy or in the event that it is reasonable to believe that a User has already joined the Program. Plan. In the event that a refund is requested or the right of withdrawal is exercised for a purchase made on the website https://www.bonniebeauty.it, Bonnie reserves the right to reduce the corresponding amount of points credited to the User's Account . If the user has already used the points obtained, his count will go negative. Only the User must use the registration and account access credentials. Your Account credentials must not be disclosed to third parties. The User undertakes to keep them secret and to ensure that no third party has access to them, adopting all appropriate security measures in order to minimize the risks of unauthorized, unauthorized or non-compliant access to their Account. The Customer undertakes to promptly inform Bonnie if he suspects improper use, unauthorized or unauthorized access to his Account. Bonnie reserves the right to verify that the email in the archive is correct, by sending an appropriate email to the User and requesting the relevant opening and consultation of the link contained in the email itself. The User guarantees that the personal information provided during the registration process as well as subsequently is complete and truthful.

  1. Rights reserved to Bonnie

Bonnie reserves, at any time, the right to modify the provisions of these Regulations and will inform the User of any modification in the manner it deems most appropriate (for example, by e-mail, on the website https://wwwbonniebeauty .it).

The applicable version of the Regulation in force and, therefore, applicable to the User is the one available on the website https://wwwbonniebeauty.it. Bonnie invites the User to periodically check the latest version of the Regulations on the website https://wwwbonniebeauty.it.

All modified versions of these Regulations are applicable starting from their publication on the site on March 1, 2023.

Bonnie may suspend or terminate, temporarily or permanently, the Program for any reason at its sole discretion.

The suspension or interruption of the Program will come into force from the date of its publication on the website https://wwwbonniebeauty.it, the User will also be informed by communication to the contact details provided when registering the Account.

Suspension or termination of the Program will not give the member the right to any type of compensation.

Bonnie reserves the right not to contact Users who are not active within the Program (in this regard, we refer to all Users who have not made purchases in the last 12 (twelve) months using their Account) to inform them of the its evolutions. Bonnie will make every reasonable effort to safeguard, in the event of malfunction, the points accumulated by the User with their Account.

  1. Suspension and/or deactivation

The Program requires the User to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and act according to the principles of good faith and fairness towards Bonnie. It follows that Bonnie reserves the right to temporarily or definitively suspend and/or disable the User's Account, with consequent possible loss of accumulated points, in the event of abuse by the User or failure to comply with a of the provisions set out in this Regulation. Bonnie with the suspension and/or deactivation, as mentioned above, communicating it to the User in the manner and in the ways it deems most appropriate without the User being able to claim and/or demand any compensation from Bonnie.

In particular, in cases of:

  • Fraudulent actions and/or attempted fraud carried out during the purchase on the site https://wwwbonniebeauty.it;
  • Improper use and/or deception of the Program;
  • Any action aimed at disrupting the functioning of the Program;
  • Purchases in large or irregular numbers in a short period of time, by way of example and not exhaustively, within 24 (twenty-four) hours;
  • In case of non-payment and/or completion of the same, where more than 1 (one) month has passed since any reminder by Bonnie;
  • In general, from failure to comply with the conditions set out in this Regulation.


  1. Various provisions

The Program is not subject to the regulations set out in the Presidential Decree no. 430 of 26/20/2001, based on the provisions of the same art. 6 c. 1 letter c bis) and compliant with Circular 11 December 1997, n. 311/E of the former Ministry of Finance, which excludes the reward nature of the Program.

  1. Processing of personal data

The User is required to read the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) directly on the Site, at the URL: https://www.bonniebeauty.it/policies/terms-of-service

  1. Applicable law and competent court

This Regulation is governed by Italian law. Any and all disputes arising, directly or indirectly, from the execution and/or interpretation of this Regulation will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of residence of the User.

  1. Contacts and communications

It is possible to contact Bonnie directly, for any need, by writing to: info@bonniebeauty.it or to the contacts published on the Site https://www.bonniebeauty.it .


Publication date: 01/03/2023