A unique gift

Give a personalized cream . It will definitely be a perfect gift, it's tailor-made!

Let the person who receives the Giftcard personalize the cream.

Give a GiftCard valid for a personalized face cream with natural ingredients chosen only for the specific needs of your skin .

Give the GiftCard as a gift

What are you giving away?


    Available in 15ml, 30ml or 50ml format.


    Free cotton bag

What will you receive?

With the purchase of a gift card you will receive:

  • A digital GiftCard via email with a secret code
  • Greeting card where you can write the code received via email
Find out more about the Face Cream

Give the gift of a dream face cream!

The Gift Card will allow those who receive it to formulate their own Face Cream based on their skincare needs.

Because we are the obvious choice

The benefits of bonnie's customized solution

  • Brighter face

  • Guaranteed softness

  • Skin without imperfections

  • Compact skin

  • Filler effect

  • More time for you

That's why hundreds of women are choosing Bonnie's algorithm for their personalized solution

Trust Bonnie's algorithm and find a personalized formula so effective as to defeat your skin imperfections and reduce the time spent on your Beauty Routine

A personalized gift

There is no right way to look beautiful and there is no right way to take care of your skin. That's why we created Bonnie, a brand that lets you get exactly what you want and nothing else.

With our Gift Card you can give a Face Cream tailored to the skin needs of the person dearest to you!

  • Gift Card Bonnie

    Step 1

    Buy a gift card for the person you want to give the customized Face Cream to.

  • Step 2

    You will immediately receive an email containing the code and gift voucher that will allow you to purchase the personalized face cream .

  • Step 3

    Print the voucher and give it to whoever you want!